Love Comes First

Pastor Sean Palmer continues our series that will unfold in the coming weeks as we consider our call to greater love, directed by the love we first receive from God. In a world that views many Christians as a core part of the problem, in a culture shaped by “me first”, the only solution is the tireless commitment to love first; even and especially when it’s not easy.

Advent Conspiracy: Love All

On this final Sunday of Advent, Pastor Chris Seay teaches from the first epistle of John, and our call to live with a pattern of gracious love for all; evidenced by way we care for those in need. Whether in Argentina, Zambia, or here in our own city, and everywhere in between, we are to be the hands and feet of our Savior; the active presence of a love that has no boundaries. If you’re accessing this via our iTunes podcast feed, please view the full video portion at

Advent - Week Four: Expansive

Advent - Week Four: Expansive

During this final week of Advent, we invite you to join us in a rhythm of pause and reflection as we continue to consider our call to be radically changed by the arrival of Jesus into the world. Join us as we reflect on what it means to love all; to widen our tables to reflect the expansive love of God and the incarnate example of our Savior. We pray that this collection of music, prayer, and meditation will be a blessing and encouragement to you this week.