Do You Know Who You Are?

Pastor Chris shared reflections on one of his favorite films, Steven Spielberg's Amistad, and asked us to reconsider how we engage with scripture. Are we reading the Bible solely to learn "facts", or are we immersing ourselves in a rich and living library that is overflowing with story, poetry, and shared history? Through his word, God tells us who we are, and invites us to embrace our truest identity as beloved children, that we would faithfully live out our part of the story.

Trading Power for Love

This weekend, Sean Palmer led us into a discussion of power and love through the lens of Paul’s letter to Philemon. Onesimus was a former slave of Philemon who had run away. Onesimus met Paul while he was in prison and becomes like a son to Paul. Paul appeals to Philemon to treat his former slave as a brother in Christ. Are we willing to change our worldview in order to see people how God sees them?

Bruce Almighty

Pastor Sean Palmer taught us on theological foundations about prayer and our relationship to God, as reflected in the film Bruce Almighty. In the Scriptures we find that we are called to relate to God as Divine Friend. Prayer is the means by which we honestly communicate with the Divine Friend, and line up our wishes ever more with God's wishes.

Nations At Our Door

Pastor Titus Benton continues our conversation about loving our neighbors by directing our attention to the immigrant and refugee populations among us. He reminds us that throughout time, God has overseen the great migrations of His people. In a city where so many diverse groups of people being brought to the church's doorstep, how we will respond in a way that Christ calls us to?