Art Of The Trinity

Our dear brother Gideon Tsang joined us once again; offering a reflection on God’s creative artistry, and the needed reminder of the loving gaze with which we are seen, even as we are prone to resist God’s affection.

Gideon serves as a member of the pastoral team of Vox Veniae in Austin.


Psalm 8

Mary Oliver - I Happened To Be Standing


Spiritual Practice

Think of something you’re not good at. Now… sit quietly and rest with the truth as you remember that like infants and toddlers, we’re loved for the things we’re not good at.

Think of a “thunderstorm” in your life. Remember that you’re not alone. What might that thunderstorm be healing?


Worship Set

Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

All The Poor And Powerless

How deep the Father’s Love


All My Tears

May You Find A Light