The Space Between

Ericka Graham enters the parables of the lost in Luke 15, and invites us to consider the ways that God meets us in the midst of our longings and all that may feel less than whole. We are a people called to return home from our places of isolation, ever back into the kind of communion with one another that offers healing and belonging, and into God’s waiting and ever-present embrace.


Luke 15:1-2, 11-32


Reflection & Practice

What are the “echo chambers” in which you exist; the circles that complicate your ability to empathize with the perspectives and experiences of others? How might greater awareness of your inherent biases aid you in patience, engagement, and genuine love for those with whom you perhaps greatly differ in many regards?


Worship Set

Before The Throne Of God Above

Great Rejoicing

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Come As You Are

Trinity Song

House Of God Forever