Taste And See

This week, our sister Margaret Feinberg invites us to enter into life’s struggles to find the God who suffered for us so that we can find healing. When God may not be healing us in one area, he may be unexpectedly healing us in other ways. The imagery in the Bible of food like grapes and olive oil help evoke the beautiful flavor of Christ that God desires to bring to the surface in challenging seasons.…


John 15:1-5

James 5:14


Reflection & Practice

The thought of being pruned can be seen as a painful process, but in reality it may be God intricately and carefully fine-tuning the things that hinder our growth. Are you in a season of pruning? What is one thing God might be helping you shed that may bring you life in the near future?


Worship Set

I Shall Not Be Shaken

It Is Well

Holy, Holy, Holy

Sing To Jesus

Call Him Good

Divine Invitation