Whose Voice Have You Been Listening To

This week, Campus Pastor Wayne Brown kicks off a new sermon series called “Voices from Culture.” After taking his kids to see Toy Story 4, Wayne talks through some of the major themes in the Toy Story franchise and ties them to how we hear and know the voice of God all around us.


Genesis 3:7-11

John 10:1-10, 14-16

"Western culture has tended to be an extroverted culture and a "can-do” culture. Prayer too easily became an attempt to change God and aggrandize ourselves instead of what it was meant to be - an interior practice to change the one who is praying"

- Richard Rohr


Reflection & Practice

  • Spend a few minutes reflecting on the voices or thoughts that have been going through your mind this week. Pastor Wayne shared with us that God’s voice is the one that lovingly points to a better future, and one that tells us he will provide. What is God’s hopeful voice saying to you today?

  • In light of God's truth and hope, who is one person in your life who may need some encouragement? Contact them and let them know that they are loved this week.


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