The Beauty Of The Ordinary

Teaching Pastor Sean Palmer continues our series on the Celtic Way of Evangelism. More than attempting to “convert” someone into a specific belief or way of thinking, it is when we commit to simple rhythms of invitation, vulnerability, fellowship, and sincere conversation that relationships are deepened and lives are changed.


Luke 10:1-9


Reflection & Practice

How might you attune yourself this week to the kind of ordinary opportunities that are often taken for granted? How do your weekly rhythms, the places you frequent, the people you see with regularity, offer you the chance to be a genuine blessing by simply being fully present? Take a moment to pray that God would offer you that kind of awareness over the coming days.


Worship Set

My Beloved

Come Thou Fount

Dust We Are And Shall Return

Be Thou My Vision / Open My Eyes

The Master's Calling

Send Out Your Light (Psalm 43)