Palm Sunday: The Other Side Of The Desert

This week, Sean Palmer walks us through our last week of Lent and in our series of “In the Desert.” He guides us through some passages that remind us that God leads us into the desert and into the struggles. And he reminds us that sometimes the reason we are wrestling with God, struggling with circumstances, is because God led us there to bless us.


Genesis 32:22-28

Matthew 4:1

“According to ancient theory of art, the practice of sculpting has less to do with fashioning a figure of one’s choosing than with being able to see in the stone the figure waiting to be liberated. The sculptor imposes nothing but only frees what is held captive in stone.”

— Martin Laird, A Sunlit Absence


Holy Week

Who will you invite to join us? Engage in Jesus’ story throughout the week; on Maundy Thursday (6pm West Side, 6pm/8pm Downtown), for an expressive liturgy on Good Friday (6pm West Side, 4pm/8pm Downtown), and as we celebrate the Resurrection as a family on Easter Sunday (Sat 6pm/ Sun 8am/10am West Side, Sat 5pm/ Sun 7am/9am/11am Downtown).


Worship Set

Hail To The Lord's Anointed

Justice Will Roll Down

How Great Thou Art

Let Our Faith Be Not Alone

The Master's Calling

Sweet Comfort