Lent: Silence

As we consider life in the desert, the invitation to enter into a season of scarcity and contemplation, join us in this opportunity to pray and reflect together as a community, and to seek God’s guidance as we enter this forty day journey of Lent. In the silence, may our ears be tuned to hear God in new ways.

Liturgy & Readings Written by

Mike Yager
Brian Mann
Sean Palmer

Narrated by
Mike Yager
Sean Palmer
Paul Randall
Emily Ries

Scripture Reading Narrated by
Kelly Boothe
Steven Hicks
Paul Pelc

“Beloved Is Where We Begin”
Poem by Jan Richardon
Narrated by Cassie O’Haver

“Are We All Forgotten?”
Music & Lyrics by JT Daly, Chad Howat & Nick Aranda
Vocals & Guitar by Paul Pelc

Music Score
Brian Mann
Kevin Graham
Chelsea McGough

Voiceover Engineering
Eric Walley

Produced by
Brian Mann