Broken Together

Pastor Sean Palmer shares a critical word from the Book of Acts and the teachings of Jean Vanier. Community is messy, and it is vital. We need one another.


Acts 2:42-46

Galatians 6:2-3

“When you have been taught from an early age to be first, to win, and then suddenly you sense that you are being called by Jesus to go down the ladder and to share your life with those who have little culture, who are poor and marginalized, a real struggle breaks out within oneself. As I began living with people like Raphael and Philip, I began to see all the hardness of my heart. It is painful to discover the hardness in one’s own heart…

They have been teaching me that behind the need for me to win, there are my own fears and anguish, the fear of being devalued or pushed aside, the fear of opening up my heart and of being vulnerable or of feeling helpless in front of others in pain; there is the pain and brokenness of my own heart.”

— Jean Vanier, From Brokenness to Community

Reflection & Practice

Pastor Sean encouraged us to lean into community by sharing with vulnerability the reality of our lives. Where do you experience that sort of community in your life? How does commitment play a role in your community?

Transparency in our lives brings deeper connection and helps us to feel known and seen. Who do you allow to speak encouragement and truth into your life? Write a handwritten note to a friend to encourage them this week.

Worship Set

Oh How I Need You

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Sing To Jesus

Your Labor Is Not In Vain

Rock Of Ages (When The Day Seems Long)