Miracle On The Bayou

This week a year ago, Hurricane Harvey devastated the city of Houston. In this message, Pastor Chris Seay leads us in reflecting on the many ways Ecclesia responded to love our city in the midst of its pain and trauma. Throughout the stories of our community, we are able to witness the local church be the hope of the world. Ecclesia, may you go out this week knowing you are rescued and beloved by our Father.


Luke 12:47-49


Reflection & Practice

Going forward, may we continue to serve together and seek to accomplish what Christ commissioned us with: to love God and love people.

In this season, join us in prayer as we ask God to lead us to be on mission for not only our city, but the world. As we experienced deep pain in the aftermath of Harvey, let us join together to see what others don't see, love those who are not seen and to let our neighbors know that they are beloved.


Worship Set

Hail to the Lord's Anointed

All Creatures

In Feast or Fallow


God's Highway

Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery