A Loving Story

Pastor Sean Palmer reminds us that God's story is, and always has been, a love story. Sean shares the story of Richard and Mildred Loving, and pieces of the film based upon their marriage, to illustrate the kind of patient, tough, and expansive love to which we are called as a people in Christ.


Hosea 3:1

Luke 4:18-19

Mark 12:29-31


Reflection & Practice

Sean describes our misunderstanding of "tough love." We're called to love that is sacrificial and patient (the original meaning would be closer to long-suffering). Love that is often tough on us, not others. When have you loved well, despite it being difficult? When has someone loved you in that way? Is there someone you are being led to love in that way now? 

Sean describes God's love as ever-expanding, and that if we are loving in that way, the number of people that we love should be growing as well. Set an reminder for yourself that every day this week, pause for five minutes and pray for someone(s) that you may view as unlovable. Pray for God's blessing to be upon them, and that they would be met with an awareness of God's love for them.


Worship Set

I Shall Not Be Shaken

Come Thou Fount

Be Thou My Vision / Open My Eyes

Let Our Faith Be Not Alone

God With Us

Jesus Savior Pilot Me