Trading Power for Love

This weekend, Sean Palmer led us into a discussion of power and love through the lens of Paul’s letter to Philemon. Onesimus was a former slave of Philemon who had run away. Onesimus met Paul while he was in prison and becomes like a son to Paul. Paul appeals to Philemon to treat his former slave as a brother in Christ. Are we willing to change our worldview in order to see people how God sees them?




1. Philemon had the authority to use his power to punish Onesimus, but Paul urges him to give him grace and welcome him back with love. How can we exercise this type of love in our own life?

2. In the story, Paul asks Philemon to treat Onesimus as he would treat Paul. Paul stands in the gap for Onesimus. Who can we show this kind of care to this week?

3. How do we stay open to conversion? Are there areas where we can allow God to transform our hearts and minds through the lens of God’s love for you and for others?


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Send Out Your Light (Psalm 43)