iGods: The Gift and Folly of Technology

This week, it was a treat to have Dr. Craig Detweiler, president of the Seattle School, with us. Craig talked about the profound impact that technology has had in the life of God's people since Creation, and the tension we face of it being both a beautiful gift and a dangerous curse. Craig encouraged us to embrace technology to expand the church's horizons, while also learning the power of powering off.


Genesis 3:21; 6-9; 11:1-9

Matthew 9:36


Reflection Questions and Practices

Dr. Craig reminded us of the potential for technology to be a life-saving ark like that of Noah, or a presumptuous folly like that of the Tower of Babel. The question Craig posed that was central to our contemplation of this week is the question of "who am I elevating" with the use of my technology.

Take a moment to pray and honestly consider your regular practice with technology. In your social media engagement, the apps on your phone, the times you "check in," do you find yourself elevating yourself and envying others, or elevating the love and glory of God? What would it look like for you to make practical steps towards honoring God instead of self on these "platforms?"

Dr. Craig also mentioned the power of technology sabbath. Is there a time in the week that you can intentionally choose to power off your device and be present to those around you — family, friends, parents, kids, etc? Try to avoid thinking of sabbath in a grand, unachievable way, but instead smaller and more practical. Consider setting small, achievable goals you can build on ("I will pray for 5 mins every morning before checking my text messages" or "I will power off the device 20 mins before bedtime and spend that time checking in with my spouse," etc.).


Consider this famous image of the Tower of Babel, painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. What do you feel stirred within you? 


Worship Set

Oh How I Need You (Find You)

It Is Well

Solid Rock

Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go

Gravity Of Love

Thy Mercy My God