Exodus For All: Presence

Pastor Titus Benton continued our Exodus series into this Easter season with a striking message about the book of Exodus: The book isn't so much about an exodus as it is about God's presence. God is not only beside us but God, like in the tabernacle, dwells inside of us in the Holy Spirit. God is always with us.


Exodus 2:23-25; 13:20-22; 33:12-16; 40:34-38

Joshua 1:9


Reflection Questions

The exercise this week is called a centering prayer. Centering prayer is a prayer of stillness, where we quiet ourselves and merely "center" ourselves in the presence of God. Take a moment and find a comfortable place to sit. Either sit with your back straight in a chair with your feet square on the ground, or sit cross-legged. Set a timer for 5 minutes, so you don't need to worry about the passing of time. Open your hands on your knees, inviting God as you do so. Begin to breathe steadily, three slow seconds in and three slow seconds out. Do this three times. When you have finished the last breath, simply thank God for His presence that you feel around you. Then you can contemplate the word "Abba," meaning Father, for the remainder of the time.

If you desire, feel free to reset the timer and do the exercise again. Do not worry about failure. There is no failure, since God is always present. There is no failing to invite Him. The true invitation is to yourself, to be made aware in the moment of a presence which never leaves you.

Worship Set 

Awake My Soul

All the Poor and Powerless

How Deep The Father's Love

Nothing But The Blood

Let This Heart Not Wander

May You Find A Light