Exodus For All: No Other Gods

Pastor Titus Benton reminded us in this Lenten season that God's rules aren't so much strict moral guidelines as they are an invitation to a transforming relationship of freedom. God's people have a choice — either take no other gods, or choose to be enslaved by whatever else they worship.


Exodus 20:1-18


Reflection Questions

Take a moment to read through the text (Exodus 20:1-18) again. Read slowly, let each word breathe. As you read it, let your thoughts be stirred, seeking to let go of any preconceived notions you may have about the commandments. Meditate on what it means for each of these commandments to instead be an invitation to relationship.

Upon finishing the text, take a moment to center yourself in God's presence. God is always with us and He is with you now. Thank Him for His presence, and ask Him for direction. Then, having quieted yourself for a moment, ask yourself: What is it today or in this past week that I have idolized and taken as more important than loyalty to God? Have you found yourself enslaved to the opinions or others, or to some ideology, or to money, or to power, or to some material possession? 

As you identify another god in your life, humbly ask God to direct your attention and your loyalty to Him instead. 


Worship Set 

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