Hope Is Certain

Pastor Chris Seay continues a conversation we began last week on the vitality of hope in our journey with God and one another. When we have a living hope, we can trust in God’s plans even in times of difficulty and despair, gain vision for a long and unfolding story, and open our hearts in greater gratitude and worship as God meets and sees us where we are.


1 Peter 1:1-6

Psalm 33



Chris shared the story of an experience he had in visiting South Korea; challenge and hopelessness turning into a surprise blessing. Bring to mind a time when your plans were upended and resulted in a far better outcome than you could have imagined or anticipated. Pause and pray in gratitude for that time. Then, pray for God to reveal a glimpse of his plans for you in the coming days; that you would have the trust and obedience to hear and to follow.

How will you make worship a part of your daily rhythm this week?

How might you be called to co-create with God in this unique season of your life?


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