Hope In The Fire

Pastor Wayne Brown taught from the story of God encountering Moses in a burning bush. As Moses draws closer, God calls Moses by name and calls him into a new adventure with a promise that he will never leave him. In similar fashion, Jesus breathes the Holy Spirit on his disciples with the new mission to boldly forgive the sins of others. Where might God be calling us to encounter Him this week?


Exodus 3:1-12

John 20:19-23


Reflection & Practice

Pastor Wayne encouraged us to ask ourselves if we have an inner critic, a voice or thought that comes frequently to discourage us. What is that voice for you? How might God be calling us this week to counter that voice?

Sometimes God calls us not just to receive the message but to be the messenger. Where can we lean in this week to see the people God may be calling us to bring life to? Who might God be calling us to forgive this week?


Worship Set

Faith's Review & Expectation

All The Poor And Powerless

Solid Rock

My Sweet Lord

All My Tears

Come Ye Sinners