Bruce Almighty

Pastor Sean Palmer taught us on theological foundations about prayer and our relationship to God, as reflected in the film Bruce Almighty. In the Scriptures we find that we are called to relate to God as Divine Friend. Prayer is the means by which we honestly communicate with the Divine Friend, and line up our wishes ever more with God's wishes.

Nations At Our Door

Pastor Titus Benton continues our conversation about loving our neighbors by directing our attention to the immigrant and refugee populations among us. He reminds us that throughout time, God has overseen the great migrations of His people. In a city where so many diverse groups of people being brought to the church's doorstep, how we will respond in a way that Christ calls us to?

Faithful Servants

Pastor Titus Benton casted vision for us this week about what it may look like for us to love our neighbors in West Houston. He encouraged us that faithful servants are those who know what they have, know it isn't theirs, and pour it out for the good of others. Titus suggested that in order to be faithful servants, we need to be ready to relationally invest and seek diversity.

The Global Rhythms Of Ecclesia

Pastor Chris Seay shares with us about the importance of embodying our six Rhythms of Ecclesia globally. As a church we believe in being a community in Houston that is real, kind, seeks God, seeks beauty, serves others, and is hospitable. Pastor Chris shares stories with us about the ways Puerto Rican brothers and sisters are living out the Rhythms in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.