Hospitality Team

Welcoming, serving Communion, or helping new friends find their way; hospitality is central to our weekend gatherings.  To help a team host one of our services, email us here.

Children's Volunteer team

We have a number of opportunities to serve families in our children spaces: Greet, assist, teach, or share stories from the scriptures. If you are interested in serving in our children spaces, complete this form.

Meals Team

If you are interested in providing meals for someone in need, please connect with us here.

Bread Bakers team

A team of people from Ecclesia bakes the bread each week that we use to celebrate the Eucharist.  To participate on the bread baking team once a month (or more often) please email us here.

Prayer Team

If you are interested in praying with people during our Communion time at the end of each of our Gatherings please email us here.

Parking Team

To assist in keeping the arrival and departure to services safe and easy, email us here

Tech Arts team

Create and serve in areas of presentation, visual storytelling and audio visual elements.
For more information, email us here