We are grateful you have decided to covenant with Ecclesia. While we acknowledge that we are a broken and imperfect community, we know we are being redeemed and we believe God is doing something beautiful in our midst.

Joining the Ecclesia community is a relational covenant. We believe that we are created to journey together, all uniquely gifted to participate with others. In doing so, we commit ourselves to God and to one another in the sharing of our time, talents, passions, and resources. Below are various ways to connect and grow within the Ecclesia community.


The primary way to connect to God’s people at Ecclesia is in small group community. We believe that these gatherings serve as a model for our vision of the greater Church; a place to be known and come to know others in vulnerability.  

Most of our small groups are organized geographically, in the hope that those who live near one another would support each other and be serving together to meet the specific needs of the area. Please feel free to connect to one of our existing groups. A list of open groups can be found below, or please let us know if you need assistance finding a group that works for your schedule and is convenient to where you live.


When we serve others, we believe God is using the experience to transform us. This learning and growth come as a gift when we take part in God’s kingdom work. We follow the example of Jesus, choosing to serve, rather than be served, and willingly offer our time and abilities to God and others. 

As we are each gifted uniquely, we hope to create space to serve in ways that benefit those within and outside our community. We believe in this way, God’s love, grace and justice is offered freely to those around us. Please consider using your gifts and abilities to serve at Ecclesia.


We believe everything we have comes from God. Out of love and gratitude, we worship God by offering back a portion of what He has generously given to us. We share our time, talents, and resources to bless and encourage others, trusting that God will meet our own needs. We experience first hand that we can do so much more together than we can by ourselves.