Holy Spirit: Energy

Our guest teacher, Gideon Tsang, taught from the Book of Acts to consider the Holy Spirit poured out on all flesh as the source of our energy, offering dreams and visions to guide us into deeper understanding of the meaning of our experiences, and granting us the power and language to speak healing and unity. 

The Gospel According To C.S. Lewis: The Real Jesus

Pastor Chris Seay continued our recent series, drawing from Scripture and the unique insight of theologian C.S. Lewis as he taught about the ways in which the implications of Jesus' incarnation have often been historically misunderstood or understated. God became fully man; and that truth must radically transform our lives, our beliefs about our bodies and the created world, and point us toward our shared calling of living fully into the image of Christ. 

Fixer Upper

This Sunday, we were excited to welcome the newest member of our pastoral team, Sean Palmer, to enter the scriptures and teach on transformation; our resistance to being truly transformed, how we submit to God in the ways he wants us to change, and its nature as a continual process unfolding over a lifetime. 

Love Looks Around

Our guest teacher, Sarah Thebarge shared pieces of her incredible story; surviving cancer, befriending a Somali refugee family, and serving as a medical missionary in Togo, to consider the meaning of faith, hope, and love. We are called to "the greatest of these", driven by a love that perseveres and lives in action as we seek to join God in the work of healing brokenness in the world.