This week, we learned that there are approximately 7000 homeless students and 1300 migrant students starting school this month in HISD. These students don’t have the resources to purchase a $103.88 kit of basic school supplies, including a backpack, supplies, school uniform and hygiene kit. This means that HISD currently needs $862,204 to provide school supplies to these students. As a church we feel called to act.

With the current climate of racial and social tension, these students who are predominantly people of color need to know that someone cares about their needs. We endeavor to be the community that shows this kind of love. This past weekend, we raised just over $100,000 for HISD. We hope to double this amount by week’s end and that these students will start the school year knowing that they are loved and cared for.

We invite you to join us this week and to give generously.