Easter Sunday: Our Silent Sisters

Pastor Chris Seay offers an Easter message from Magdala on the Sea of Galilee about the vital roles of women in the Resurrection narrative. What do the experiences of Mary the Mother, Salome, and Mary Magdalene have to teach us about strength in trauma, the support offered by women in our own lives, and our call to pass on our stories of faith? We're also joined by writer/speaker Amena Brown, who shares a story of an important woman in her life, and the profound gift of her spoken word poetry.

Exodus For All: Spiritual Amnesia

Pastor Chris Seay continues our Lenten series with a message about our forgetfulness. As we return to the Eucharist, tell our stories, and mark our lives and surroundings in remembrance, we are reminded of God's unfailing love and deliverance. Our sister Erika Graham followed up with a message about the reality of being spiritually awake: when we're awake, any work we do is sacred and serves as a reminder of the living God.

Exodus For All: Impact & Impression

Pastor Sean Palmer continues our Lenten series. Like Moses, we are often more concerned about making an impression than we are with making an impact. Sean also challenges us with the truth that sometimes success comes to us in spite of our lack of faith. 


Numbers 20:3-12

"We want people to pay attention to us, to recognize us, to give us our due. This is how our identities, worth and significance are grounded. We want to be relevant, spectacular or powerful. So we go through life fishing for such things, a grasping that keeps knocking us off center, spiritually speaking."

- Henri Nouwen

Reflection Questions

In Numbers 20, Moses disobeys God by striking a rock rather than speaking to a rock to cause water to rush from it in order to provide for his people.

In what ways is your life designed to make an impression on people rather than making an impact for the Kingdom?

Often we interpret success as the result of faithfulness, but Moses was disobedient. Still, God provided water. Regardless of how successful your life looks, in what ways are you being unfaithful to the Lord? What "rocks" that you are striking are actually an invitation into repentance? 

Why does success and people’s opinion of us matter so much culturally? In what ways specifically it is of deep importance to you how you are seen and perceived

Worship Set 

Hail To The Lord's Anointed

Your Love Is Strong

Solid Rock

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

All My Tears (Be Washed Away)

Even My Darkness