Love Looks Around

Our guest teacher, Sarah Thebarge shared pieces of her incredible story; surviving cancer, befriending a Somali refugee family, and serving as a medical missionary in Togo, to consider the meaning of faith, hope, and love. We are called to "the greatest of these", driven by a love that perseveres and lives in action as we seek to join God in the work of healing brokenness in the world. 

More Than A Conqueror

Guest teacher Jeanne Stevens taught from Paul's letter to the Romans, inviting us to consider the difficult circumstances and battles in our lives in the light of who God has told us he is, and who he tells us that we are. None of us are immune from trial and grief, but all of us are equipped to be more than conquerors with God by our side. 

Easter Sunday: Not Fake News

It was an unbelievable weekend of celebration as we gathered as a family to worship our Risen King. Pastor Chris Seay considered the phenomenon of "fake news", and in contrast, the overwhelming evidence of the transformation within the lives of the individuals and communities that bore witness to Jesus' Resurrection; a witness that continues to be passed down to this day and beyond as we seek to know, serve, and share the love of our Savior.  

Palm Sunday: Be Like Thomas

Pastor Chris Seay offered an invitation into Holy Week, continuing to draw from the unique insight of theologian C.S. (Jack) Lewis as we considered the character of Thomas the Apostle and how we handle doubt. Even as we stand shouting "Hosanna!" on this Palm Sunday, will we continue to investigate, wrestling with hard questions, struggling well with a story that defies easy comprehension?