Advent Conspiracy: Love All

Pastor Chris brought us his message this week from Peru, introducing us to a community that has seen death and disease due to contaminated water, and the blessed transformation that has come from our opportunity to participate in God's work to provide a clean water source and a renewal of hope. Through work in this community, and in so many around the world over the past ten years, we're reminded constantly that we are one global family under the reign of Christ, called to love all in Jesus' name. 

Advent Conspiracy: Spend Less & Give More

Pastor Chris first asked the children of our community who should receive the best gifts on Christmas, and then called us each to consider why and how we give gifts in this beautiful season. As a people who have received God's greatest gift, how will we respond in great thoughtfulness and love to those in our own lives, while worshipfully extending our greatest gifts to Jesus? 

Empty Your Cup

Pastor Chris Seay asks us to examine what fills "the cup" of our life: gratitude or negativity. As we approach the sacred Advent season, we explore the role of gratitude in our life and how the pattern of negativity can too easily become routine. Chris reminds us that as we pour out our cup, God will call us out of our pattern ofnegativity and fill us with gratitude. 

Let It Shake

Our guest teacher, Jonathan Martin spoke passionately about a particularly tumultuous week in our nation, and the ongoing presence of deep fear, anxiety, and division. In these times of turmoil, the Church is called even more boldly into action, empowered by the Spirit to live and speak as a prophetic witness of reconciliation, healing, and hope.

The Heart of A King

Pastor Chris Seay explores the unique faith of King David, and how his life modeled many aspects of living with a transformed heart. When our hearts change, we live with an greater awareness of God's presence in our every moment, worship with joy and abandon, freely extend radical generosity, and cultivate deeper and unexpected friendships.