God made Ecclesia for Houston.

God made Ecclesia for Houston. 

We love our city. We love the people, the food, and even love our terribly disappointing sports teams. We are passionate about Houston.

In Jeremiah 29:7, God instructs his people saying,

Pursue the peace and welfare

of the city where I sent you.”  


Whether you know it or not, God sent you to Houston. Maybe you thought you came here for a job, or for a relationship, or maybe you were born and raised  a Houstonian. Regardless of your own reasoning, God sent you to Houston with a unique purpose. Likewise, we believe that Ecclesia was sent here by God. As a sent people, we are called to pursue the peace and welfare of Houston. 

The opportunity for Ecclesia to eliminate the debt at 1100 Elder would mean that we would have a greater capacity to pursue the peace and welfare of Houston. We want our financial resources to be leveraged for the good of our city, but first we need to take care of our debt. 

Daily Reflection:

Do you believe you have been sent to Houston to pursue the peace and welfare of Houston? 

How can you lean in and help Ecclesia be who we are made to be? 

Daily Prayer:

Lord God, 

We believe you have made Ecclesia for a unique purpose. Help us to be who you have made us to be. Remind us that we are a sent people; instructed to pursue the peace and welfare of Houston. Create in us a passion for Houston, so that in whatever way we can, we will give our time, talents, and resources towards the good of our city. Inspire us toward generosity. 

We pray this as a family in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.