Imagining Family Worship at House of Blues

Aug 23, 2011

This week, I wanted to share with you some images and ideas that we are working on.  These ideas are still evolving, but we are excited to share what Ecclesia Family worship at House of Blues could look like.  

This Family Worship area will be used by our families leading up to and during our Worship time at House of Blues.

We are planning three stations: 


Prayer for 8 weeks will focus on Elder, the building we have bought and are in the process of refurbishing to become our church home. At this station we will learn about what Elder is now, what it has been, and how it will be transformed in the coming months to become our church home.  Once we learn we will then offer up prayers for Elder and everything that we will need to serve the community around it. 

Prayers will be written or drawn and then clipped overhead.  Over the weeks we worship at House of Blues those prayers will collect, becoming a visual chorus of prayer.

Here is the image we are inspired by for the PRAYER station.



We will have a back drop set up which we will be able to "tell" visually any biblical narrative in front of. 

This back drop will have a black place, a green place, a desert & a sea. 

We will have it become 3 dimensional by placing objects in front of it, using different objects and signs to engage families in "the story".  The children and families will be asked to work or engage in the story in any number of ways weekly. 

Here is one of the images that is inspiring the STORY station. 


Our Worship station will change weekly providing different ways to engage in art worship.  The first week we will focus on the idea of community specifically using a symbol we commonly see Scott Erickson use to express it.