Family Reflection Area at House of Blues

Sep 21, 2011

I have really enjoyed seeing the Family Reflection Area at House of Blues over the last several weeks as it has gone from the idea phase of what could be to the reality phase of what it becomes as people enter and engage in it.  It is something that is difficult to describe, but the area feels like "us" and our children and families seem to love the space and what is being cultivated there in relationship & worship.  I think the kids love it because they get to be with us. They seem excited about it and excited when they see me and can show me what they liked about it. 

Each station is meant to engage the children and adults who work at it in Story, Worship, or Prayer. 

Our prayer station stays the same as we focus, during this season, on praying for our new building and engaging in prayer for the community that surrounds our future home. We will let the prayers accumulate... we have some interesting plans for them in the future.

The worship station has proved very popular with the kids. We engage in a way that is very familiar to kids who have come to the kids area at Taft. 

  • The first week we took wooden houses and made them feel familar by drawing on them with oil pastels. I love the idea of all those wooden houses going home to be displayed and played with. What a beautiful image of God's presence & our community in each of your homes. 
  • The second week we let the kids draw on cards and then use them to build a structure (which became much rounder than I expected) together. They loved this and I loved seeing it grow, fall, be built back up and worked on actively by so many.  

The story station is meant to not only tell a story but also engage you in the story.  

  • The first week we talked about how God can be in two places.  He can be HERE and as we are called to the next place we find Him THERE. We placed a house along the path marking where we feel we are in the journey. 
  • The second week we used a timeline to map out the biblical narritive.  We asked kids to place a stone where they were in the story.  I expected a lot of rocks around 'Ecclesia' and the time marked 'You and Me' but unexpectedly more of the rocks were placed with JESUS.